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Help: We need to know if you can help at our shows and/or team events during the year.

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Training and non- competitive: Please tick any instructional or recreational activity that you would like to take part in. Otherwise, suggest any other that interests you or that you are willing to arrange.


Teams: Would you like to be on any of our teams to represent the Club? Team events are local and are between the riding clubs in our area.

Note that representing more than one Riding Club in any one year is not allowed.

Team Events:

Team rules:
When choosing horses and riders for teams there are rules that eliminate those who are over qualified for any particular competition, ensuring that it is fair for all.

You may have to provide the following:
Rider's or horse’s BHS Dressage points.
Rider's or horse’s BSJA prize money.
Rider's or horse’s BHS Horse trials points.
Rider's BHS Pre-Novice Horse Trials points.
Any of the above for you and the horse as a combination.
Whether you hold any BHS or PC qualifications.
Details of any qualification for National RC or PC championships in the last 4-5 years.

National team events:
Some team competitions lead to national championships/finals.
Any member entering a team will be informed in advance if the team they are a part of is eligible for such a championship.

Horse health information:
This is relevant only to competitions with a national finals element.
All horses must have an up to date FEI vaccination certificate to be eligible for official teams competitions which culminate in a National Final.The certificate must be produced on demand at any Riding Club qualifier or Championship.The certificate must be valid at the time of the qualifier, not just in time for the finals, if reached.


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