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This event finished on 15 August 2021

We have arranged a fabulous opportunity for Area 13 members. We have training over two days; Saturday 7th and Sunday 15th August. On the 7th you will have an hour shared lesson on a Mechanical Horse with Amelia Wilbourn (http://www.ameliawilbourn.co.uk/ – TN7 4LA) then the following Sunday a further shared lesson on you own horse to transfer and hone the skills you have improved on the mechanical horse. This will take place at Alder Lake EC (https://www.alderlakefarm.co.uk/). This training has been heavily subsidised by Area 13 and is a bargain for the all in price of £48.00 per person for both sessions.


Mechanical horse lessons are an ideal way to focus on your posture, position and balance. It allows you to focus on yourself and understand your own individual asymmetries and how they may be affecting you and your horse.  The trot simulator has 3 speeds and enables the rider to develop both sitting and rising trot.  The canter/gallop simulator has 5 speeds and allows the rider to develop their seat in canter and gallop.  Both of the horses allow the rider to develop their balance and position for flatwork, jumping and fast work.

You are also able to bring your own saddle, or use one of mine.


Lessons on your own horse are then an ideal way to put your new skills into practice and understand how your position can make positive changes to your horse’s way of going, and also to understand how your horse may be affecting your position.  We can develop exercises to help improve overall balance, straightness and suppleness.


There are only 12 spaces available on this training. These spaces will be allocated in a first come first serve basis and to secure your booking payment in full will need to be received.  Should you have to cancel for any reason a refund will only be given if we can fill you space.


To make you booking, payment and any questions or further information please contact Maxine Lowrie; maxinelowrie@me.com. Tel 07969 483221.

Area 13 Training – Mechanical Horse plus own horse lesson